We're SiFr Consulting, pronounced like "cipher". We are a modern boutique consultancy focused on delivering business solutions for businesses in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley. Whether you're looking for IT resources and solutions, or leadership and business strategy, we aim to be your Strategic Partner providing stable yet adaptable solutions that enables business growth and transformation.

We pride ourselves on providing you with expert advice, supporting you through service transition and digital transformations. By leveraging our Enterprise level expertise, we ensure your technology solution is scalable to meet your business growth needs, while making sense to you today.

We have a track record of delivering IT environments that are fault tolerant and secure, with minimal downtime so you don't have to wait on the phone for support listening to dreadful elevator music.

Our goal is to make you independent and self-reliant by leveraging modern service oriented IT solutions.


Are you ready to invest in business strategy that drives your business forward? Drop us a line and see if we could be a fit for you. We're excited to hear from you.