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Frank Methorst

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Frank boasts over 25 years of enterprise IT management experience working as a senior technical manager overseeing a team of technical and service experts at Canada's largest credit union.

As a business consultant, Frank has worked with large corporations in mining, health care, government, and the retail sector delivering unparalleled knowledge. Clients seek out Frank for his experience in holistic IT infrastructure design and best practices.

An innovative strategist, Frank aims to deliver solutions that are hyper applicable to your business by asking one key question "What problem are you trying to solve?".

Methodical in his approach to problems and having a keen eye for detail, Frank's expertise will ensure every aspect of your technology is looked after.

Frank is also a published photographer, avid hiker and a certified rescue diver who frequently takes his keen eye no matter where he goes.


Sijia Wang

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Sijia is a multipotentialite with formal education in Engineering, IT, Law, Digital Marketing, and Project Management. Sijia has over 10 years of enterprise IT experience. A life-long learner with cross sectional knowledge in many fields, Sijia has helped her clients overcome process and technology challenges with creativity and enthusiasm.

As a business consultant, Sijia has worked with organizations in government, entertainment, insurance, and financial services, delivering uncompromising service. Clients seek out Sijia for her expertise and no-holds-barred honesty.

A thinker and a tinkerer, Sijia is unflappable in the face of tangled processes and is capable of bringing clarity to confusion. 

Fast and efficient, Sijia is frequently called on for emergency projects that have short timelines and nebulous deliverables. 

Sijia is also a galleried artist, a mental health advocate, and a certified rescue diver. In her spare time, you'll find Sijia hiding out underwater, in the remote wilderness, or in her art studio. 


At SiFr, we believe in doing great work with great clients.

At the core, we aim to be your strategic partner no matter what you do. You are good at what you do, we simply bring the technical and business know-how to elevate your vision.

We’re not a MSP (Managed Service Provider). You do not need to pay us monthly to manage your environment. Perhaps you already have a MSP contract, paying X dollars per user/device every single month. They promise a lot of “oversight” and “peace of mind” but at the end of the year, how much have you paid, and how much service/innovation/improvements have you received? If you don’t like the answer that popped into your head, we should talk.

The core of our services is advice. With over 35 years of enterprise experience (think businesses with over 3000+ employees, 4000+ pieces of equipment, and operation on multiple continents), we know what it takes to make a business work behind the scenes. This knowledge is not reserved for enterprises though, and can be affordably scaled down for your business – if you have the right people, with the right background in your corner. Every business should expect their IT infrastructure to be stable and nimble in this age. Whether you need a technology implementation or just some advice on management best practices, we foresee challenges, so you can maneuver swiftly and confidently to ensure your business stays current with today's fast moving technologies.

We are experts in business processes and work flows required to support your goals. Technology is a tool. But a box full of tools won't do you any good if there are no instructions for assembly. We don't just sell you the hammers and drills, we make sure the tools are the ones you actually need for what you're building.

We deliver high value by cutting your costs, but not your results. How? We provide ongoing optimization and evaluation as technology evolves. We have saved clients thousands of dollars on unnecessary or over-provisioned hardware and software licenses. Let's see what we can do for you.

As an entrepreneur, you measure your success by results, and so do we. We will tell you if we don't think our services will be a good fit for you and provide our recommendations on where to focus your spending and efforts. Are you ready for a different kind of Technology Partner? Give us a shout!

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