Hey, we aim to be as transparent as possible. You want to know what you have to invest to get started. Well, we have two fee structures. Which one you choose is your choice and you can always change your mind. Regardless of your choice, we aim to deliver exceptional service while providing you a predictable budget.

Fixed Price Billing

Fixed Price Billing is suitable for one time projects with clearly defined deliverable such as an implementation or assessment.

During the consult, we will gather basic requirements and provide a quote with a fixed price. This is the maximum price you can expect to pay for the items identified within the scope of work. We will only bill for the actual hours used, and you will not be billed beyond this quote unless we have an approved scope change from you.

Fixed Price Billing ensures you know the cost upfront with no hidden surprises.

Retainer Agreement

Retainers are suitable for one time projects or on-going relationships with nebulous or fluid deliverables, such as vCIO Services.

During the consult, we will gather basic requirements, and provide an amount for your starting retainer. We will bill based on hours used and provide a monthly statement. If the services did not exceed your retainer amount, that amount is rolled over to the next month. 

A retainer agreement will ensure you always have someone to reach out to if you need.