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Intune - Import ADMX & ADML

We're going to keep this one short. But we're too excited to not share. Fresh out of the oven, have you seen the new Intune feature now in public preview?

That's right! You can now (FINALLY!) import custom ADMX and ADML directly in the Intune UI. This is huge news.

While the limitation of only en-us ADMLs are currently supported, admins everywhere should rejoice. This update brings Intune one step closure to inching out traditional GPOs that are limited to on-premises devices and are reliant on a DC to deliver the policies. Which, simply do not support modern work, remote access, and distributed workforce.

With this new addition, you no longer have to muck around with OMA-URIs (which we've written extensively about) for most well-know software that support ADMX configuration. Honestly, I'm not sure if I should be annoyed at Microsoft since our OMA-URI series is the most popular on our blog.

Intune is one of the three major components that we always recommend as part of an organization's cloud identity and access management scheme. It is incredibly powerful when used in conjunction with Conditional Access and Defender for Cloud Apps.

If you've been thinking about Intune for a while but was still on the fence wondering if it has finally matured enough to swap out your GPOs. Now is the time.


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