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Take a different approach to IT

We believe your business deserves stable, secure technology that is hardened against today's cybersecurity threats.

SiFr is an advice and service based technology consulting firm that provides proactive strategic solutions that address modern cybersecurity challenges

 with no monthly contract 

How SiFr is different

Proactive Solutions Fit for an Enterprise
Information Technology is so much more than computers! It's the technology solutions that makes your business work. That's why we design technology solutions and environments that supports your business strategy. Whether it's protecting against cybersecurity threats, or implementing projects that keep your business on the competitive edge.
We are so much more than just "good with computers", we are like the lawyers of the IT world. We take complex technology and apply it to your business, we provide you with knowledgeable advice when you need it, and we will implement our advice if you want it.

Our technology solutions are proactive, and deeply rooted in over 2 decades of Enterprise architecture experience so your environment is designed to work whether you have one staff or 1,000.
Complete Freedom that's Affordable
We believe in substance. We choose to focus on providing you with affordable technology advice, instead of furnishing our office with beer pong. That's why we're Cloud-first and 100% remote. Choosing to operate without the fancy downtown office address means we can pass the savings to you​.
We have one of the most affordable rates and no ongoing commitments. A lawyer will never lock you into a contract, and neither do we. You get what you need, and only what you need.
Unbiased Opinion
We're all about service & advice. With no partnership sales quotas or affiliate vendor relationship, we are not incented to sell you products or subscriptions you may not need. Just like a lawyer will never sell you a subscription. SiFr operates with zero kick-backs from any product vendor so we can provide you with unbiased opinions

If we suggest a solution to you, it is because we believe in it. Not because we signed up for a partnership deal.
Sound Advice with No Up-Sells
Do you expect lunch dates with your lawyer?

Powered by two Introverts, we aren't shy to admit we suck at the "sales pitch". Instead, we've built our careers on sound advice and dependable workmanship. Which is why we're an advice and service based firm. We're interested in supporting your business through competent services, and timely advice, not through taking you on lunch dates.
We literally have no sales staff... we mean it when we say "we don't sell you stuff you don't need".
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"Working with Frank was a rewarding experience, he demonstrated business acumen, dedication, honesty. Frank was able to translate strategic vision to day to day activities; his innovative thinking and implementation skills are superb. Frank is caring and a great person to work with, I would work with him again"

Lissette, Procurement Manager

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