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2022 Semi Annual Update

I'll be the first to admit that last year I started with some best intentions to provide monthly blog updates to our followers, clients, partners to showcase some fun stuff we're working on. You know what they say about best intentions right? Actually, I don't know. What do they say about best intentions?

If you didn't know already, SiFr is very personal for us partners; nothing leaves our purview without approval. Please don't get us started on unreasonable standards. Which also means, the partners end up doing just about everything the business requires. That includes all the blogging and marketing.

We had such a busy 3rd and 4th quarter last year, the blogging simply ran away from me. While I would I love to sit down and share all the cool things we're working on, the blogging takes a backseat to anything technical we're working on.

Before I knew it, two quarters of 2022 ran away from me too. So, now we're at the tail end of Q2 2022, I want to finally share somethings we're working on just to prove we're not dead in our home office.


Q1, started with nothing but Intune projects. From Autopilot, to iOS, to Androids... every iteration of Intune deployment you can think of, we did. This is an understandable trend. I think businesses finally realized their endpoints are a point of security.

There are so much information I want to put into some "take-away" or "real world learning" type of documents. Let us know if you would be interested in joining an Intune deployment workshop.

Q1 concluded with a trip down to Houston Texas to discuss operations and check out a company that does import of large industrial equipment for the oil rigs. It was a fascinating experience to speak to the CEO and learn about his philosophies on operation efficiency and market niche. Of course, we took some time off to hit Austin to check out Circuit of Americas for Motor GP that was also in town. Did we mention that Elon Musk was also in attendance? (allegedly).


In Q2, two of our close partner organizations had undergone a change of management structure which gave us an excuse to explore our partner relationships more in order to deliver better service. As a result of our discussions, we've created SiFr Labs, a division of SiFr that will be focused on DevOps and creating software solutions that can deliver some of our consulting services at scale. Look for an announcement soon!

We will conclude Q2 with a trip to Vargas Island for a true wilderness get-away. Wilderness serves as our opportunity to really unplug from all the technology we're buried in every other day. If we're lucky, we will see the resident wolves on the island.

We're still planning our corporate retreat for this year and we've got some big plans brewing. Until the next update!

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