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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your IT Equipment

1.Warranty and vendor support

Old hardware inevitably falls out of warranty and with it, vendor support. If you have dedicated IT support staff, the importance of vendor support may not be immediately obvious to you. However, vendor support is sometimes the difference between a phone call to have defective hardware replaced and wasting hours on downtime due to malfunction.

2. New and expanded functionality

Technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace. Sometimes, these new innovative functions are what you will need to deliver added business functions and create that differentiating factor to your customers, such as, ability to accept mobile payments, for one example. This includes the ability to install updated applications and Operating Systems on the equipment. For example, the new Line of Business app you are trying to install may only work on Windows 10, but your old hardware does not support Windows 10.

Have your IT Service Provider explain the cost/benefit to you and see if any of the added functionality of the new equipment is beneficial to you.

3. Security, patching and manageability

This brings us to point 3: As as hardware falls out of vendor support so do firmware updates and security patching. Without these updates, your system may be vulnerable to malware attacks and security exploits that could costs you thousands in lost business, lost data and system down time.

That being said, whoever your IT Service Provider is, ensure they are doing their due diligence when it comes to these patches. Frequently, in any environment, just because patches are available, doesn't mean they're being applied and put into production on time to avoid the catastrophe they are meant to protect against. If you're not sure what your patching or vulnerability management plan is, you should do your business a favour and get familiar with it. Your IT Service Provider should provide monthly reports that detail any security updates or other management plans you have in place.

4. Increase efficiency and reduce cost

If you've ever touched a PC you know that in the world of technology "old" usually equals "slow". Have you ever clicked on an icon and waited before the program or link loaded? How frustrating is it when you browse to any web link but the page takes forever to load?While your old hardware may seem to be functioning just fine, evaluate if the new hardware will introduce greater efficiency through speed improvements. If you are spending more time waiting for things to happen, your business process is costing you more than it should.

All in all, consider your IT spending part of your overall business strategy instead of merely a cost centre. To address hardware costs as part of IT spending, consider implementing an "evergreen" program where hardware is slated to be upgraded on a cyclical basis. This will ensure that you are investing in your hardware, and business, in a predictable and proactive manner. A well designed and maintained IT infrastructure should drive your business forward rather than merely meeting your current needs.


Are you unsure about your current equipment? Do you need some support in implementing your first Evergreen program? Do you need help creating your vulnerability management and disaster recovery plan? Contact us to book a complementary environment review.

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